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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the simplest thing one should start with as a DIY project?

Start with what needs fewer skills and requires minimal time to encourage you through the creative design industry.

When is the best time to learn art?

Art is an inborn skill, but others are inquired due to exposure to an artistic environment. It has no age limit you can do when young or old.

Can I have my working area in the living room?

Unless you want a cluttered living room, you can go such an option, if not set aside a place away from visitors and children for an uninterrupted work environment.

Can I engage in all the art categories?

If you are looking at moving the skill to a higher level, it is important to focus on one art category and expand based on demand since some are related.

When you decide to be a jack of all trades, you’ll have basic in all and not be an expert.

What people say?

I want to appreciate your hacks; I have an easy time with my toddlers. In fact, we even work with them on my work table
Amanda Lee
I wish you could also accommodate the experts in the industry; as much as we know things, we need to learn more and more stuff.
Adam Cheise