Customizable Thanksgiving Pie Wheel

Customizable Thanksgiving Pie Wheel



Customizable Thanksgiving Pie Wheel

I teamed up with Alicia from Slightly Stationery (Instagram here) provide you with this super cute, Thanksgiving free printable! I introduce to you all, the Thanksgiving pie wheel!

To make sure we’ve provided you with the most likely options of pies that you’ll actually have Thanksgiving Day, I researched the most popular ones, and picked 7 of them! This way you’ll have your pick of pies to customize your own Thanksgiving pie wheel!


  1. Print off the free printables on card stock. 
  2. Cut out the fork, and the pie slices that match the kind of pies you’ll be serving in real life. NOTE: The pie chart is divided into 6 pieces, so if you’re serving fewer than 6 different kinds of pie, print off another copy of the “pies” printable, and cut out additional slices of what you need. (Ex. You have 3 pies: pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate  pie. So you’d print off 2 copies, and cut out 2 slices of pumpkin, 2 slices of pecan, and 2 slices of chocolate.)
    If you happen to be serving all 7 kinds of pies that Slightly Stationery illustrated, what you’ll do then is cut two slices in half, and have them share a spot on the “pie chart.” 
  3. Use a pencil or pen to poke a small hole in the middle of the middle of  the fork. 
  4. Glue the illustrated pie slices onto the pie chart. Smooth them down really well. 
  5. Use the pencil or pen again to poke a small hole in the middle of the pies. 
  6. Align the two holes, and secure the fork to the pie wheel with a brad. 
  7. Flick the fork, see where it lands, and chow down on your pie!



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DIY: Mean Girls Tea Towels + Free Printable Iron-On Kit

Apparently I went through a stage where I drew a lot of inspiration from Mean Girls. (If you haven’t seen already, here’s what I’m referring to.) What can I say? Pop culture inspires me. (Haha)

You know why I love Mean Girls(okay, why anyone loves Mean Girls)? Cuz it’s funny! (Duh.) 

You know what else I find funny? Ironic domestic decorations, like this. The whole cutesie, and kinda innocent old-lady cross stitch mixed with pop culture references – so funny to me! So I decided I wanted to make something like that on my own. And what better to draw upon than from my homegirl, Tina Fey’s classic high school chick flick?

(And the most exciting part about this, is that I thought of this idea, like, over a year ago, and now it’s become a reality! *squeee!*)


  • Plain white tea towels OR plain white flour sack towels
  • Subscriber freebie: Mean Girls tea towel kit printable
  • Scissors
  • Iron-on inkjet transfer paper
  • Printer
  • Iron

1. First, sign up to follow my blog by email. (Psst – it’s on the left sidebar under “Follow.”) Complete your subscription, and click on the link in your “thank you” email for the free Mean Girls tea towel kit printable.

2. Using the tea towel kit printable, design your towels, or feel free to copy my designs pictured below. 

3. Print off your designs, keeping in mind that images will all be backwards – don’t you worry about that though, love. It’s supposed to be that way. 
Note: If you’re planning on using a dark-colored towel, print off the pages with the images facing the right way.
Note: You do not need to have special ink or a fancy printer to print on iron-on transfer paper.  

4. Cut out your designs, and trim off any unprinted paper that you don’t want to transfer. 
Note: If you’re using a dark-colored towel, cut as close to the words and designs as possible, because the iron-on transfer paper for dark fabrics doesn’t recognize that the white backgrounds are intended to be transparent. In other words, any white will come out of the printer looking white.

5. Follow the directions that came with your iron-on transfer paper, and iron on your designs!

For helpful tips and trouble-shooting, you can read these supplementary blogs, here and here. To read the basic instructions for iron-on transfer paper, read this.

What the Mean Girls tea towel kit includes:

Four cross stitched quotes…

Cross stitched fast food, and fabric utensils….
Various borders…
 Assorted, colorful ornaments…


Some super fetch examples to inspire you!



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