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DIY Pocky Piggy Bank 1

DIY Pocky Piggy Bank 2

DIY Pocky Piggy Bank

I’m SUPER excited to announce my partnership with Pocky! I’ve DREAMED of working with them for almost a year(!!), so when they asked to collaborate, I was over the moon! Of course I said yes!

So lately (apparently) I’ve been really into piggy banks, and this is quite possibly the best piggy bank I’ve made yet! (At least it’s my favorite one.) Follow along with the how-to to make your own Pocky piggy bank, and buy yourself a box or 2 (or 3 or 4) of Pocky and share with a friend!


  • Wooden box (like this one)
  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • Hot glue
  • Glue stick or spray adhesive
  • Paper + pencil
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Xacto knife
  • This printable
  • Duct tape


  1. Using the largest drill bit you have, drill a large hole on the bottom of the wooden box. The hole needs to be big enough to empty out the piggy bank.
  2. Using a small drill bit, drill a oblong hole in the top of the wooden box. This needs to be large and wide enough to fit coins in (this is the hole where you’ll be putting your loose change!).
  3. Remove all hardware (the clasp and hinges) from the wooden box, and throw them away (you won’t need them).
  4. Use hot glue to stick the two pieces of the wooden box together. Let the glue cool.
  5. Paint 1-2 coats of pale pink acrylic paint all over the box EXCEPT the bottom. Let the paint dry.
  6. On a piece of white card stock or copier paper, paint the strawberry Pocky sticks that are on the front of a strawberry Pocky box. Let your art dry.
  7. Use scissors and/or an Xacto knife to cut out the Pocky sticks you painted.
  8. Apply glue – either the spray adhesive or the glue stick – to the back of it, and press it onto the front of the piggy bank.
  9. To get the “Pocky” letters and the strawberries, print off the printable above, and cut them out using scissors and/or an Xacto knife.
  10. Apply glue – either the spray adhesive or the glue stick – to the back of the letters and strawberries, and press them onto the front of the piggy bank.
  11. To close up the hole in the bottom of the piggy bank, the simplest way to close it up is to just put a big piece of duck tape over it! (Hahaha!) Whenever you need to empty out the bank, remove the piece of duck tape, then apply a new piece when you’re ready to close up the bank again!

DIY Pocky Piggy Bank 3

DIY Pocky Piggy Bank 4

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