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My beverage of choice happens to be Diet Dr. Pepper! I drink one (or two) everyday! A little tidbit about me, I actually have never and don’t drink alcohol! So when I’m talking about “dranks,” I’m actually referring to my sodas. *insert laughing emoji face*

But whatever your drank of choice happens to be, either way, beverages COST MOOLA! (I mean, right? I’m dishin’ out $2-$4 everyday for a drink! And I know alcohol happens to cost even more!) So why not save up for a satisfying drank with this drank bank?!


  • Air-dry clay
  • A straw
  • A kitchen knife
  • A clean, empty, cylindrical container
  • Acrylic paint
  • Optional: Scrapbook paper + tape
  • Letter stickers
  • Anything else you wanna deck out your drank bank with!
  1. To make the lid: Start by rolling out a large piece of air-dry clay.
  2. Trace the container into the clay. Use a kitchen knife to cut out the circle A LITTLE BIGGER THAN WHAT YOU TRACED. (Why? The clay shrinks a bit while it’s drying.)
  3. Use the kitchen knife to cut out a slot that is large enough for a large coin to fit through. Smooth out any rough edges.
  4. Cut out a smaller circle and smooth out any rough edges. In the very center, draw an “X” (where you insert a straw).
  5. Cut off a small piece of the straw, and stick it in the center of the “X” you drew.
  6. Apply this piece to the center of the large circle.
  7. Cut out a long strip to create the sides of the lid. Apply the long strip around the side of the circle, smooth out any rough edges/seams.
  8. For best results while your clay is drying, I recommend you set your clay piece on top of another container with a round, smooth surface.
  9. Once your lid is completely dry, paint the lid white (or whatever color you’d like).
  10. To make the cup: I used scrapbook paper to cover the outside of my container. I measured how tall and long the paper needed to be to be able to wrap around the container, then I cut it out. If you’d rather work directly on the container’s surface, do that!
  11. Paint a design on your paper. (I painted a blue ombre “swoosh.”) This is the step where you can paint/decorate however you want!
  12. Use the letter stickers to spell out “drank bank,” and stick them onto the paper/surface.
  13. If you used scrapbook paper, wrap the paper around the container and use a few pieces of tape to secure it.


DIY Drank Bank 3

DIY Drank Bank 4

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