DIY Ice Cream Earrings 1

DIY Ice Cream Earrings 2

Happy National Ice Cream Day! (FYI it’s every year on the third Sunday in July — just in case you missed this year, now you know to celebrate next year!)

I’ve come up with 2 ice cream-themed DIYs that are super cute and suuuuper easy! (The easier the better, right?)

DIY Ice Cream Earrings


  • Wooden ice cream cone die-cuts – 2
  • Drill + small drill bit
  • Earring posts -2
  • Jump rings – 4
  • Pliers


  1. Start by drilling one small hole at the top of the ice cream cone die cut. Repeat this on the second one.
  2. Use pliers to loop one jump ring into the hole you just drilled, and clamp it shut. Apply the second jump ring onto the last one, but don’t clamp it shut just yet.
    Do this process to your second ice cream cone die cut.
  3. Loop the earring post into the second jump ring, then clamp it shut.
    Do this process to the second ice cream cone die cut.

That’s it! Three whole steps!!!!

DIY Ice Cream Earrings 3

DIY Ice Cream Earrings 4

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