DIY Embroidered Easter Eggs 1

DIY Embroidered Easter Eggs


  • Large plastic Easter eggs — Note: You’ll want eggs that open length-wise from top to bottom, not in the very middle of the egg.
  • Drill + drill bit — Note: Use a drill bit as small as you can manage to thread a needle and thread through
  • Quilting needle
  • Embroidery thread, various colors
  • Scotch tape
  • Sharpie
  • Printed Clipart
  1. Start by printing off some Clipart — for example, I printed off a rainbow, a flower, and a butterfly — that will fit on the front of your egg.
  2. Cut out your Clipart.
  3. Loop pieces of Scotch tape, and stick them onto the back of your cut-out Clipart. Position and stick down the tape and the Clipart onto the front of the egg.
  4. Use the Sharpie to “trace” your Clipart, but instead of tracing, you’ll be marking where you’ll be drilling holes. Once you’re done “tracing,” remove the paper and tape.
  5. Use your drill to drill small holes where you marked with the Sharpie. Be careful on this step, and wear protective eyewear!
  6. Thread your needle, then begin embroidering. Use a piece of Scotch tape to secure the loose ends of the thread. Repeat until you’re done embroidering.

DIY Embroidered Easter Eggs 2

DIY Embroidered Easter Eggs 4

DIY Embroidered Easter Eggs 3

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