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DIY Justin Bieber Heart Balloons

First of all, I must wish you all a Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! (It’s 3 days away! *insert shocked emoji face*)

Second of all, I must inform you all that I’ve become a huge Bieber fan! And this DIY now probably officially makes me a “Belieber.”

I remember thinking to myself back in the “Baby, baby, baby OHHHH” days, “I don’t like this song, but I’m a big enough person to admit that this guy has a great voice, and he’s gonna grow up to probably still have a great voice. So who am I to rule him out of my music taste so hastily?” Good thing I didn’t! Cuz his album, “Purpose” is my go-to, doing-the-dishes music! And driving music.

Third of all, I must apologize to you all if this DIY is a little more risque than all my previous DIYs. But hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

Make these Justin Bieber heart balloons for your fellow Belieber and I bet they’ll love you forever.


  • Heart mylar balloons
  • Glue stick
  • Large black + white photos of Justin Bieber (or any other heart throb you’re currently into)
  • Stickers
  1. Do a little searching on the web for 3-5 photos of Justin Bieber. If you find a photo you love that is in color, I’ll show you how to turn it into black and white!
    HOW TO MAKE PHOTOS BLACK & WHITE: (1) Save your high-res photo to your computer. (2) Go to pixlr.com/editor, and open your photo. (3) Click on Adjustment > Desaturate. Voila! Your photo is black and white! (4) Save your photo.
  2. Cut out your images.
  3. Apply glue to the back, then stick your image onto the heart balloon. Smooth out any creases or bubbles

That’s it!

DIY Justin Bieber Heart Balloons 3

DIY Justin Bieber Heart Balloons 4

Are you a Belieber?? What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments below!

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