DIY Clay Avocado Jewelry Dish 1

DIY Clay Avocado Jewelry Dish 2

Whenever I watch people make homemade guacamole, I love watching the part when they scoop out the avocado out of the halved skin. (…Which reminds me! I have leftover guacamole from Chipotle in the fridge that must be eaten. Score!) I look at that empty skin and think, “that look like it would make an excellent jewelry dish.” And then I had the idea to make this cutie!

Here’s to avocados! The ones that got ripe then went bad in one day (so it seems), the ones that are put on toast, and the ones get turned into that delicious guac (that costs extra, of course).

And for the first time ever, I’m doing a giveaway of this craft I made! Enter to win this exact avocado jewelry dish below!

DIY Clay Avocado Jewelry Dish


  • Air-dry clay
  • Knife
  • Round, plastic bowl
  • Acrylic paints
  1. Start off by rolling out some clay. You can use either a rolling pin, or a glass from the kitchen cupboard.
  2. Use the knife to cut out the avocado shape. Dab your finger in water, and run your finger on the cut sides to smooth out the edges. Set this aside.
  3. Get more clay, and roll it into a ball. Make it a size compatible with your avocado part that you just cut out. Think, “avocado pit!”
    Use the kitchen knife to score (or, make small cuts on) the bottom of the ball/pit, then stick it on the avocado shape-clay piece.
  4. Carefully transfer your piece to a plastic bowl to let it dry for 24 hours. (This is how the clay will get the round, dish shape!)
  5. After 24 hours of drying, carefully remove your clay piece from the bowl.
  6. Get out your paints, and paint the base bright green. Let it dry.
    Then paint the pit brown. Let it dry.
    Finally, use a darker green to paint the darker green ring. Let it dry.
  7. Drop your jewelry, your car keys, your loose change, etc. in the dish!

DIY Clay Avocado Jewelry Dish 3

DIY Clay Avocado Jewelry Dish 1

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