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DIY Sticker Gem Earrings 1

DIY Sticker Gem Earrings 2

I hated going to the dentist office when I was young, but I did look forward with great excitement to picking out my “thank-you-for-not-biting-my-finger” prize I got at the end. And I would get sticker earrings every time! Unfortunately, I think that was the only place I ever got these stick on earrings, so even now as an adult I’m excited by them!

And they’ve made a comeback, heck yes!! Except now I don’t need to wear sticker earrings because I grew up and got my ears pierced! So I’ve made these DIY sticker gem earrings that are more suitable for me now in my mid-twenties!

DIY Sticker Gem Earrings


  • Pack of sticker gem earrings
  • felt in your color choice
  • hot glue
  • earring stud/back
  • jewelry glue OR super glue
  • scissors
  1. If you’re like me, you like to need to know what design you’re gonna make, so draw out a rough sketch of what you’d like your earrings to look like.
  2. Put dabs of hot glue on the back of the earring, then stick it on the felt.
    Finish your design in the same manner.
  3. Cut out your design, leaving however much felt showing that you like.
  4. Use jewelry glue to glue on the earring stud on the back, placed where you want it (I put my earring stud near the tops).
    Let the glue dry overnight or according to the glue’s instructions.
  5. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean the studs and the earring back before you wear your earrings to clean off any glue residue that might be left over from gluing.
  6. Fasten the earring and smile all day!

DIY Sticker Gem Earrings 3

DIY Sticker Gem Earrings 4

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