DIY Butterfly Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume 1

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume 2

DIY Butterfly Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume

If you’re not one to go all out on your Halloween costumes (unlike me), then this super easy peasy butterfly Snapchat filter DIY Halloween costume is for you!


  • Fake butterflies – from dollar store craft section
  • Yellow + orange spray paint
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • Scissors


  1. Prep your butterflies for spray painting. (You’ll need between 6-10, depending on the size of fake butterflies you get.) NOTE: I trimmed off any wires or fake antennas. Personally, I thought the antennas made the butterflies look way too fake!
  2. Head outside or somewhere well ventilated, and spray one coat of yellow spray paint on the butterflies. Let it dry, and spray a second coat of yellow. Once the tops of the butterflies are completely dry, flip them over and do 1 coat (or 2 coats, if you want to be really thorough) of yellow spray paint on the other side. Let them dry.
  3. Flip the butterflies back over so you can see the tops of the wings again. Using short sprays, add the orange spray paint to the tips of the wings. Let them dry completely.
    OPTIONAL: Paint on a thin coat of Elmer’s glue, and dust on some gold glitter on the butterflies. Let it dry.
  4. When it’s time to put on your real life Snapchat filter, whip out the double-sided foam tape and scissors. We’ll be using dime-sized pieces of double-sided foam tape to stick the butterflies to your hair. (And don’t worry, I can attest that the foam tape won’t get stuck in your hair for good! I tried it on myself!) Cut off 2-4 pieces of foam tape, stick a couple of them on the underside of the butterfly’s body.
    NOTE: For reference on where to place the butterflies, just get on Snapchat and turn on the butterfly filter on your face! 🙂 BUUUT if you need a picture for reference, use this one.
  5. Start sticking the butterflies on your head/hair, pressing firmly to make sure it sticks. Where needed, stick on small pieces of double-sided foam tape on the butterfly, and press on your hair. Apply all the butterflies until you get the look you desire!
    NOTE: If you’re realllly nervous about sticking the double-sided tape in your hair, you can make the side of the tape that will be touching your hair less sticky by just touching it with your fingers a couple of times.
  6. OPTIONAL: Use this makeup tutorial to really get the full-effect of the butterfly filter! (Ps, this listicle has really awesome soures, too, if you’re curious!)

And that’s it! Oh, one word of advice. While I think the method of sticking the butterflies in your hair is the most durable (as opposed to gluing them to bobby pins and putting them in your hair, or some other method involving bobby pins) I still recommend you don’t go headbanging around with these beauties in your hair! Haha!

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume 3

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume 4

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