DIY Magic 8 Ball Pumpkin



DIY Magic 8 Ball Pumpkin

Remember when you used to ask the Magic 8 Ball super important questions? Like, “does my crush like me?” Well gone are the days of asking about boys, and here are the days of asking the Magic 8 Ball pumpkin more pressing questions, like, “can trick or treater’s expect Kit Kats on Halloween?” (To which the Magic 8 Ball pumpkin would reply, “No, cuz I know you’ll eat all of them before 6:30pm on Halloween.”) The Magic 8 Ball pumpkin will not disappoint!

And I’ve made the DIY process even easier for you by making free printables to go with it (the “8” on the front and the answering blue triangle on the back).


  • Round pumpkin (with at least 1 sort-of-flat side)
  • Black paint OR black spray paint
  • Glue dots
  • Magic “8” front logo – free printable here!
  • Magic 8 Ball triangle – free printable here!
  • Scissors
  1. Start by painting the whole pumpkin blacks. (If the stem of your pumpkin is too long, you might want to try to snap it off.) Add 1-2 coats. Let it dry completely.
    NOTE: I recommend getting a pumpkin that is round, but with at least 1 side slightly flat (or 2 sides opposite from each other, both slightly flat). It’ll be easier to affix the printables if the surface is somewhat flat.
  2. Print off the free printables on normal copier paper (NOT cardstock). Why? Just cuz copier paper has a little bit more give than thick cardstock; this will make it easier to glue it on the pumpkin. If you use cardstock, the printables might wrinkle too much.
    Cut them out.
  3. Resize the circles if they’re too large for your pumpkin. Do this simply by tracing a cup or another round object on top of the printable.
  4. Use glue dots to stick the printables to the front and back of your pumpkin.
    And that’s it!
    NOTE: If you’re making this DIY before a Halloween party or to put on your porch for Halloween night, I recommend you make it a day before, and don’t let it stay out in the rain – this DIY isn’t meant to last as long as the rest of your regular pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.



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