DIY Candy Corn Flamingos

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DIY Candy Corn Flamingos

I know, I know. You’re all mourning the passing of summer. And even if you’re a big lover of fall — let’s talk about chunky sweaters and ankle boots *heart eyes emoji* — you’re still feeling sad that the subtle, careless vibe of summer has gone away, along with more daylight hours, sun dresses, and strappy sandals.

But never fear! I’ve got a DIY that will help ease you out of summer and into fall, along with one of the objectively (okay, okay, it’s probably more subjective) best holidays: Halloween!

I introduce to you the candy corn flamingo!


  1. Remove the legs, and set them aside. Head outside or somewhere else well ventilated, and prime your flamingos. One to two coats should be sufficient. Let it dry completely between coats.
  2. Start with the white head first. Spray 1-2 coats of white, letting the coats dry in between.
  3. Cut a piece of plastic wrap long enough to wrap loosely around the white head. Secure it with a piece of masking tape, being sure not to stick the tape to the flamingo itself.
  4. Move on to the yellow portion, which will be the tail. (NOTE: I’m going in this order because I’m starting with the colors that are least dominant; so orange will be last.) Spray 1-2 coats, letting the coats dry in between.
  5. Make sure both the white and the yellow parts are completely dry before you continue on to the orange section.
    Wrap a long piece of plastic wrap around the tail, and secure with a piece of tape.
  6. Finally, spray paint the the middle section orange. Spray one coat, and let it dry completely.
  7. Remove all plastic wrap, and carefully spray a second coat of orange. Don’t worry if any orange paint lightly gets on the white or the yellow sections! I think it gives it a lovely ombre/blended look.
    Let everything dry completely.
  8. Do all steps for both flamingos.
  9. Put the legs back in, and stake your flamingos in your yard.




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