• Free sleep mask template printable
  • Blue felt
  • 2 blue plastic gems
  • Gold rope(or ribbon)
  • Gold puff paint
  • Gold false eyelashes
  • Hot glue 

1. To get the free printable sleep mask template, subscribe to my email list over on the left sidebar under “follow.” Note: if you subscribe to my emailing list after October 19th, you can expect the sleep mask template in an email on October 26th. Also note, if you subscribe to my email list, you may also expect half a dozen other free Halloween printables! Yes, it’s true. 

2. Print off the template. Cut out the sleeping mask and the two “eyelids”(they look like triangles).
3. Trace the sleep mask and the eyelids on the blue felt, then cut them out. If desired, cut out two sleep mask parts to glue together to make it sturdier.

4. Glue the eyelids on in approximately the same spot as the grey eyelids on the sleep mask template. Make a sort of pocket so you can glue the plastic gems under the eyelids.

5. Glue the blue plastic gems under the eyelids, and the gold false eyelashes on top of the eyelids. If desired, line the eyelash line with the gold puff paint.

6. Snip off two equal pieces of gold rope for the eyebrows, and glue them on. Alternative: Use the gold puff paint to draw the eyebrows on.  

7. Line the sleep mask with gold puff paint. Let it dry.

8. Cut off two equal pieces of gold rope to use to tie the mask around your head, then glue them on the back of the sleep mask.

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