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I will admit, I’m late on posting this, seeing that summer is basically over. 
alas, that doesn’t mean that the mosquitoes aren’t still out and
biting! (They love me. If you happen to be outside with me in a
mosquito-ridden environment, don’t worry about getting bitten. They
flock to me. What can I say? I am irresistible.) And of course you can
also use these cute candles next summer! Or, hey! You may even live in a
place that there’s mosquitoes perpetually biting.
saw these gorgeous citronella candles at – get this – the Dollar Tree! I
love finding scores like these. I mean, these candles are in little
Mason jars! Real Mason jars! Not knock-off’s! And the colors are so
pretty! They’re such a score. The plastic bugs are from Party Pail. Party Pail
has a huge, impressive inventory of party supplies. They offer products
in bulk and in smaller quantities, and the prices are very very
reasonable. If there’s something I love more than scores from the Dollar
Tree, it’s (inexpensive) party supplies!! (And party supplies projects.
*Italian chef kissing clenched fingers – muah!*)
  • Citronella candles
  • Plastic bugs
  • Acrylic paint – various colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Hot glue
1. Paint the bugs, and let them dry. This is the funnest part! Get crazy. Or be minimal if you love that(like me). If you want some more painting inspiration, look here, here, or here.
2. Hot glue the bugs to the candle lids.
Super easy, super cheap, but still super cute! That’s what I’m all about! Can I get a witness??

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