Originally this project was intended for a Father’s Day handmade gift. This Jim-Halpert-prank-inspired paperweight would make a brilliant home-made Father’s Day gift! It will brighten his day at the office, silly pranking aside. (Um, let’s be honest, I’d love this for myself. You must understand. I’m obsessed with The Office.)


  • Epoxy resin + supplies
  • Yellow resin dye/dye alternative 
  • Plastic or silicone mold
  • Mini stapler


Okay, to be honest, I had to make this twice. I had no idea resin was so temperamental! So to save you some time, I’ve compiled these following tips to help you avoid my mistakes.

     The mold: Your mold doesn’t have to be a
by-the-book mold you buy at the craft store. The first time I used an 8oz Daisy sour
cream container, and the second time I used a small Tupperware from the dollar store. You know, even something like a yogurt cup
could work (just as long as it can fit the mini stapler, plus enough
resin to completely submerge it, and as long as it’s pliable enough to
pop out your finished piece)!

     Resin dye/dye alternatives: First of all, I have to tell you that if you want sure results, then stick to resin-made pigments! Alright, now I can’t be held responsible for ruining your resin projects. So I would’ve used a dye meant for resin, but when I saw the price for a 3 ounce bottle, I changed my mind. Luckily there are dye alternatives! There are lots of alternatives
to resin dye. Since resin reacts adversely with water, you can’t use
anything water-based. I tried oil paint, and pastels. Oil paint makes vibrant color, but it leaves little paint particles floating around. The pastels
worked pretty well, but the resulting color wasn’t very bright. Note: I scraped off and used about 1/4 teaspoon from the pastel. If you use this dye alternative, I suggest you scrap off at least 1/2 teaspoon.

     How much resin you will need: Before you pour any resin, first figure out how
many ounces you’ll need to completely submerge the stapler. A good
way to do this is to measure it out using water first. Pop the stapler
into your mold, and start off pouring 6 ounces of water in the mold, then go from there. Note how many ounces it takes to fill the mold(FYI for both my attempts it took 6
ounces). Keep in mind, that equal proportions of resin, and hardener is
critical for proper curing. Note: Be positively sure that both your mold, and the stapler are completely dry. (Any water will make your resin cloudy.)

1. Mix the resin according to your resin’s specific directions, then mix in your dye.

2. Position the stapler in your mold, then slowly pour in the resin. Note: Remove any staples that might be in the stapler.

3. Allow your piece to cure for 24-72 hours, then carefully pop it out. If there are any imperfections or uneven edges, simply cut and sand them off. Polish the resin if needed – mine didn’t, so it’s unlikely.

This post was originally published on June 10, 2015 on Dawn Nicole Designs.

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