Amp up the cuteness factor of your work or home office with this adorable magnetic paperclip dispenser!

I’ve seen these ice cream cone bubbles at the Dollar Tree for years and years and years, and I always wanted to do something with them. But I never bought any until I thought of a DIY deserving enough for something I’ve dreamed of crafting with for 6+ years.

Now behold! A project suitable enough for these cuties.

  • Ice cream bubbles from Dollar Tree OR
  • (If I had been able to get my hands on these it would’ve been even better:) Ice cream bubbles from Target  
  • A large neodymium magnet OR
  • (If you can manage to fit one of these inside the ice cream-half, these would work awesome:) Singing magnets
  • Hot glue
  • A weight for the cone-half(I just used rocks from outside)
  • Colored paperclips

1. Dump out the bubble soap, and wash the ice cream cone. Remove the bubble wand and discard it. Gently pry off the “ice cream” from the lid that screws onto the “cone.”

2. Add the weight(I used rocks) to the “cone” – this is to prevent the cone from getting too top-heavy. If necessary, use hot glue to secure the weight in place.

3. Secure your magnet so that it’s touching as much of the sides as possible. Let the glue cool.

4. Put the lid back in the “ice cream,” and tighten it. If desired, glue it together. Tightly screw the ice cream-half on the “cone.” Again, if desired, glue them together.

5. Sprinkle the colored paperclips(pun intended) on your ice cream cone.


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