Hot dogs, watermelon, sparklers, the smell of fireworks – ahhh, the Fourth of July! It’s just so…summer.

This garland is super patriotic and super easy to make! It’s as easy as breathing, probably. It’s also a perfect last-minute decoration you can make for your Fourth of July soiree.

  • Mini American flags – 10 count(my garland has 9)
  • Rope
  • Red, white, & blue(and even gold or silver) ribbon scraps
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Iron

1. Using straight lines, snip off the flags from the sticks.  Note: If desired, cut the flags into a different bunting flag shapes, like these. I didn’t do this because I wasn’t sure if it is technically disrespectful to the flags(even if they are little guys), so I just wanted to be safe.

2. If needed, run a warm iron over the flags.

3. Measure and cut off your desired length of rope.

4. Space out the flags on the rope, and use dabs of hot glue to affix the tops of the flags to the rope. Let the glue cool.

5. Cut various lengths and amounts of red, white, and blue ribbon. Tie one to two pieces of ribbon around the rope between the flags, and on the ends.

Happy Independence Day, America!

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