DIY: Graduation Cap Straw Toppers

I wanted to make something special for Logan’s graduation celebrations, but there are so few graduation decoration DIY’s that really interested me during my research. So, like with all the most amazing DIY inceptions I’ve come up with, this came to me as I was falling asleep!

DIY: Graduation Cap Straw Toppers


  • Black construction paper
  • Card stock (I used cardboard)
  • Yellow embroidery thread
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Exact-o knife
  • Hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Elmer’s glue (I used hot glue)


First off, make yourself some guides to trace for the cap using the card stock. Draw out a 2″x2″ square, and a 4.5″x0.75″ strip. Using the hole punch, punch a hole exactly in the middle of the 2×2 square, as show below. The hole punch is to help you know prospectively through where you’ll poke the straw.


1. Trace your two guides and cut them out. When tracing the square, also trace the hole-punched hole in the center, but don’t do anything with it yet.



2.  Using the Exact-o knife, perforate the traced circle; this is where you’ll poke the straw through.


3. Loop the long strip around to make a cylinder. Glue the ends together with the glue stick.
4. Using Elmer’s glue (or hot glue), glue down the cylinder onto the square with the perforated hole directly in the middle. Let it dry/cool. Set the cap aside.
5. Now it’s time to make the tassel! Cut off a foot and a half(18″) of embroidery thread.
1. Double over the thread once.
2. Double it over again.
3. Place a pencil in the middle…
4. …and tie a knot.
5. Take the straw and stick it through the smaller loop(it won’t have any cut ends).
6. Slip the pencil out of the knot…
7. …and pull the knot tight.
8. Snip the remaining loop.
6. Poke the straw through the perforated hole, keeping the tassel on the top of the cap. Trim the tassel to a length you think looks good.
Pop the straw into your beverage and sip in celebration of the graduate!

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