When I saw these cute carrots at the Dollar Tree, I knew there was something I could do with them, I just wasn’t sure. There’s always cake or cupcake toppers, right? But that was just too predictable. I mean, Easter and a carrot cupcake topper? Predictablllllle.

Then I thought of an amazing idea. One word: sprinkles!!!

The Supplies

  • These cute powdered-candy-filled carrots
  • Sprinkles
  • Two bowls
  • Cupcakes

1. In one of the bowls, empty out all the carrots’ powdered candy.

2. Fill up the other bowl with sprinkles. Funnel the sprinkles in the carrots by either scooping the sprinkles in using the carrot, or by using a funnel to pour them in. Screw on the tops.

3. Now just stick the carrots in the cupcakes! Be sure to clean the carrots before you stick them in the cupcakes.
When your guests are ready to eat their cupcake, they can take out the carrot, open it, and sprinkle on sprinkles to their hearts’ delight!

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