Merry Christmas!!

I meant to post this on Christmas Day but my computer is nigh close to its deathbed – from either getting the blue screen of death one too many times or from me smashing it into some cement stairs(any stairs actually), so it’s been too slow to accomplish anything.

Ironically, when I was typing this up on my computer, and I typed “nigh close to its deathbed” the blue screen of death popped up. Bad karma, me typing that. How dare I. Now I’m typing this on my iPad.

Anyway, as a Christmas gift from me to you, here’s the tutorial for your own snow globe!

The Supplies:

  • Glitter(any kind is fine)
  • Clean, empty jam jar(or other jar with a lid) & lid
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Water resistant toy figurines(plastic is good)
  • Water resistant super glue
Note: Glycerin can sometimes be difficult to find. I checked multiple stores, but I had the best luck with pharmacies. That’s your best bet. Save yourself a trip to three different locations and just go to a plain ol’ pharmacy, like Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. 

1. Sand the inside of the lid – this will make it so the figurines adhere better to the lid.

2. Test the fit to see if your figurines will fit nicely inside the jar. Don’t glue them down yet!

3. Dab glue onto the bottom of your figurines. I also sanded the bottom of the figurines because I thought it would help the glue stick better. Set it aside to dry, according to the glue bottle instructions.

4. While your glued pieces are drying, let the glitter rain!!! Add the glitter to an empty jar. Note: It doesn’t matter what kind of glitter you use.

5. Fill up the jar with tap water, but not completely full – leave enough room for the glycerin and room for the water to rise a little when you screw on the lid and the figurines are completely submerged in the water.
6. Add the glycerin. The glycerin helps the glitter fall slower when you shake it.
7. Screw on the lid tightly – I even added some glue to the inside of it. Shake it, and voila! A snowy woodland in your very own home!
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