Happy one year anniversary to me and my hubs! 
I thought it’d be cute to post this tutorial today of all days…you know. Since it’s my first anniversary. 
So the biggest day of your life is over. You’ve put away your dress in a linen bag in your closet, and the top of your cake is in the freezer. And your bouquet? You can’t just toss it(no pun intended, single ladies)! I mean, how many times in your life do you get a specially-made, unique flower arrangement for you to tote around all day like a princess? (Maybe if you’re an actual princess or you’ve been married more than once, I guess. Or if you’re a bridesmaid.) There’s no way you could just throw this beauty away; however, you can’t keep it boxed up where all the flowers just dry up anyway, get crushed, and turn into a big mess.  
This is the perfect way to preserve your bouquet(or wedding flowers) without keeping the whole thing! And unlike your dress and your cake, you can reminisce and revel in the memories more than once.
1. Pick out a couple of your favorite flowers from your bouquet. 
Get two pieces of heavy-duty paper and place a flower in between the two like a sandwich. Do this to all the flowers – this’ll protect the pages of your book from any moisture damage that might occur while the flowers are drying out. Tape the two pieces of paper together if you so desire. 
Place all your flowers in a heavy book and shut it tight!
2. Wait. (This is the hardest part.)
3. After a few months’ time, your flowers are ready to be framed.
Remove your flowers from the book.

4. The best option for preserving pressed flowers is using a shadow box frame – at least in my opinion. (I have a weird obsession with shadow box frames.)

Take out the backing of your shadow box frame, and cover it with a fabric of your choice(I chose plain white. If you really want to get nostalgic and you don’t mind cutting it, use a scrap of fabric from your wedding dress!).

5. Before you glue down your flowers, it’s a good idea to arrange how you want the flowers to look once they’re glued down. 

Using either a hot glue gun or wood glue, put little dabs of glue on the back of the flowers and press gently into place. Remember: use as little glue as possible because too much glue can damage the flowers in the long-run.

6. Put the frame-back back in the frame.

You’re finished!

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