Happy Holidays! Again(you’ll be getting a lot of holiday wishes from me)!

I’m getting so excited for Christmas around here in my apartment. My husband has to pretty much beg me to not put up the Christmas decorations. …And I actually don’t know how I’ve let him convince me, quite honestly….

Anyways! I often find myself yearning for out-of-the-ordinary, novel decoration ideas that i can make myself. Which is why I’m posting this! Yay pine cones, am I right? Those poor things are so dang cute but there are so many gettin’ run over in the road by cars…. *tsk tsk tsk* So I thought these decorations were all perfect for this post! Some of them are DIY tutorials but some are just pictures(let your imagination and creativity reign, right?). 


1. Pine Cone Wreath
src: Reluctant Entertainer
…or this one:
pine cone = wreath.
src: West Twin Creations LLC
2. Pine Cone Ornament
src: Johner
…or you could make this star one!
Pine cones snowflake Ornament nature and by AttitudeNature on Etsy, $8.00
src: Attitude Nature
3. Pine Cone and Burlap Bow Decor
! Love! Burlap ribbon and pinecones wired together!
src: Relax Home Decor
4. Pine Cone Elf
Pinecone Elves
src: Make It Work
5. Pine Cone Chair-back Sash
pine cones
src: Pinterest
6. Pine Cone Christmas Trees
Pinecone Christmas Trees in vintage silver
src: Pinterest
7. Painted Pine Cones
make it: painted pinecones
src: WhimZeeCal
…or you could paint them like these ones!
painted pinecones. Would be pretty winter decoration
src: Tumblr
8. Pine Cone Garland
Pinecone garland!
src: Jim Fairfax’s Luxury Problems
…or you could make this one and string it up outside.
src: Tuck and Bonte
9. Pine Cone Door Decor
src: Something Green
10. Pine Cone Place Card
src: Everything Fabulous

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