I was inspired to make these popsicle magnets when I was browsing Studio DIY. There’s something delicious about the pure, unabashed colors Kelly uses in her projects.
I needed a few more magnets for my fridge, and I didn’t want to go buy plain ugly ones. I wanted some with personality! So here’s the tutorial just for you, so you can liven up your fridge too! Let’s get our cuteness on!


Hot glue gun
Polymer clay
Popsicle sticks
First, pinch off a piece of clay and start getting it warm by kneading it between your fingers.
Don’t flatten it too much, or else there won’t be enough room to poke a hole later. 
Make sure the top and bottom stay rounded. 
I used my fingers to round the edges of the carved lines to give them a softer look, but that was my personal preference. I also took care to smooth the overall surface of the clay so that no finger prints were visible.
Next, I used a popsicle stick to gently poke a shallow hole in the bottom. This is where I will later glue the popsicle stick.
Then I made my other two popsicles, using the same process.
Let the pieces cool.
Let them dry.
Note: Before this next step, for each popsicle, I cut off roughly less than an inch of the top(or bottom) of the stick. This left me with three short pieces that would fit perfectly in the shallow, pre-made holes.
Hot glue the magnets on the backs.
Then voila! They are finished, and ready to make their appearance on your fridge. C’est magnifique!
Visit here for another creative and fun magnet idea using plastic dinosaurs from a dollar store!

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