party animals mini party hats toppers

Sometimes I’m really good at just copy-cat-ing genius projects I see on Pinterest. And this is definitely one of them. Yeah, I know this concept already exists, and I could very well just buy some on Etsy, but where’s the fun in that(especially for a creative such as myself)?! Besides, these cost me a dollar a piece. If there’s one thing I love more than making things myself(okay, maybe love just as much), it’s a good price. (Thank you, dollar stores.)


1. Cut out the mini-party hat free template, and trace it on the scrapbook paper. (Note: You may want to shrink the template so the hats will better fit your animals.) Cut them out. 

2. Curl the paper slightly using a pencil. Assemble the hat: overlap the edges, and glue it together.

3. Use the wire cutters to snip off about half of the length of the sewing pin(but not too long that it’ll stick out the bottom of the hat). Thread the sewing pin through the top of the hat. 

4. Flip it over, and fill the inside of the hat with hot glue to secure the sewing pin, and to give the hat some mass. (If you’re using mini pom poms, simply hot-glue your pom pom onto the top of the hat, then fill the hat with hot glue. (Psst! I just saw this. Super cute with those tiny pom poms! Copy cat-able.)  Let it cool.

5. Hot glue the hat on the animal’s head. Party on!

cheetah party hat cake topper

zebra party hat cake topper

Yoo-hoo! Come pin with me!

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