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DIY sharpie mugs!
SO cute, right?
i wanted to try my hand at it, so i went to the dollar store and bought white mugs(they always seem to have them), inked my design, and baked them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
here’s my mugs:
mine: “i am his lady duck”
his: “i am her duck mister”
 mine: bow
his: bowler hat
even after baking them, i am concerned that the marker ink will scratch off. for all those DIY-er’s, take note: i would suggest a mug with a more ceramic-porous feel to it. i think the ink would actually bake into the mug. but i’ll let you know if it scratches off or not after use/washes!
what do you think?
nailed it or nay?
leave your comment!

UPDATE: the ink scratches off/washes off almost completely. 🙁

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