Gumball Machine & Quarter Couples Costume + More…

This is waaay belated, but I’ve been so crazy busy these last few months! We moved, what seemed almost cross-country(maybe more like a third-of-the-way-cross-country), and I’m in my third trimester of my first pregnancy. Okay, I guess in words it doesn’t sound like very much, but it takes forever to unpack and decorate a new apartment, and I’ve been doing last-minute baby preparations. (I still can’t believe how many things one needs when you’re expecting your first child. It’s kinda like registering for your wedding. After you’re married, one day you’re like, “Wait, I don’t own a pizza cutter! I didn’t even think to register for one!” Here I am a few days before my induction date, and I’m like, “Oh, my baby probably needs fingernail clippers.”)

Anyways, here’s pictures of mine and Logan’s Halloween couples costumes
we debuted at my sister, Holly’s annual Halloween party we attended back
in Utah before we moved.

I’m a gumball machine, what with my baby bump, and Logan’s a quarter! (He insisted he stand at a profile every time he got his picture taken.) I spent a long time on our costumes. Very tedious. Those are real gumballs in the little pouch I sewed onto my shirt! But I do have to give credit to Logan for the actual coin – he cut it out of cardboard,  including “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “1990.” And hey, look how awesome his wig is! I styled it. I should look into styling wigs for stage makeup or something! 😉 Logan won “Best Guy’s Costume.” We unfortunately didn’t win “Best Couples Costume,” but I won “Best Treat!” (I really wanted that award because the prize was a super cute hedgehog salt and pepper shaker set. …Although I probably would’ve spent less money and time if I just went and bought them for myself rather than making three different treats for the party. Hahah! Not as fun though.) I made an uber delicious lime punch. The recipe was super popular on Pinterest. Here’s the recipe. Seriously, try it some time. It’s SO yummy! 
To see another one of our clever, couples costume here we were as PB&J.

Now, fast forward to after we moved to Omaha…. *whoosh*

Here we are in our new apartment continuing the Halloween festivities, starting with jack-o-lantern carving, of course!

(^^^Logan took this picture. When I ask him to take pictures with my camera, he gets “artsy” and takes all his pictures at weird angles. He cracks me up.)

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