DIY Wall Crawl Mural Ornaments

 DIY Wall Crawl Mural Ornaments


I’m sure you all have heard of or seen wall art, right? (If not, I’ll let you in on the FYI. In certain cities in the US there are really creative, colorful murals where people like to go to take lots of pictures and selfies. And you can see why, right? All the murals are so pretty with all the colooooorrrsss! *heart eyes*) But unfortunately for me, I live in a city where wall art isn’t a big thing, and the only wall art around isn’t well suited for Instagram. Which means I’ve got a serious wall art void in my life.

So for the Christmas season, I made a tribute to some all-popular, all-colorful walls in California, New York, Tennessee, and Georgia!

DIY Wall Art Ornaments


  • Ceramic ornaments
  • Baker’s twine
  • Acrylic paint, assorted colors
  • Fine-tip markers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Paint brushes in various sizes

The #colorwave mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.


Difficulty level: Difficult
Medium: Acrylic paint OR fine-tip permanent markers (I used paint)

  1. Start the ornament by painting the blue circle with the heart, and the “49” in the middle.
  2. The key to this design is to think “radial,” like you were painting colorful, zig-zaggy rays of sunshine.
    Outline each “ray” with zig-zag lines, then fill them in with the color.
  3. Work around the ornament like a clock, and just mimic the colors and design in the real mural.Here’s the picture I used as a reference.
  4. When you’re finished, paint the top yellow, and string some baker’s twine through the hole to complete your ornament!

The Hense wall on the BeltLine trail in Atlanta, Georgia.


Difficulty level: Medium
Medium: Acrylic paint
Other Supplies: Toothpicks

  1. Start off this ornament by painting blocks of color before you paint the “dots.”
    For example, on my ornament, I painted: yellow in the top left quadrant, pink in the top right quadrant, orangey-yellow in the bottom right quadrant, and orange and green in the bottom left quadrant.
    Let the paint dry.
  2. Now the tip with this ornament, is to think of adding the “dots” in layers. (You’ll notice that the dots look like they’re layered on top of each other.) Also, don’t make your dots perfectly round; they can vary in size and shape. Additionally, you don’t have to keep the “dots” confined to the specific quadrant. Let them overlap into nearby areas!
    Here’s the order of the “dot” layers I did for each quadrant (listed from first to last):
    NOTE: let each layer dry completely.
    Top left quadrant: light purple, lime green, orange
    Top right quadrant: purple, yellow, very light blue
    Bottom right quadrant: light blue, very light blue, turquoise
    Bottom left quadrant: purple, yellow, very light blue
  3. After you’ve made your dot layers, add a cluster of red dots in the center of the ornament. Let it dry.
  4. To create the “dripping paint” effect, apply a line of paint to the side of a toothpick, and then press the toothpick flat onto the surface of wherever you want the drip effect.
    You can use this picture for reference!
  5. When you’re finished, paint the top yellow, and string some baker’s twine through the hole to complete your ornament!

The polka dot wall by The Most Famous Artist, at The Springs in Los Angeles, California.


Difficult level: Easy
Medium: Acrylic paint
*Optional* Other Supplies: Round, foam dabbing brush

  1. Dispense the colors of paint you plan on using for the polka dots.
  2. Eyeball (or measure out if you want to!) and space out where you’re going to paint the polka dots.
    To make the perfect polka dots, dip the round dabbing brush in the paint, then press the brush on the surface of the ornament.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each polka dot. Use this photo for reference.
  4. When you’re finished, paint the top yellow, and string some baker’s twine through the hole to complete your ornament!

The Draper James mural in Nashville, Tennessee.


Difficulty Level: Easy
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Other Supplies: Painter’s tape

  1. This ornament is as easy 1-2-3! First thing you need to do is apply 2-3 strips of painter’s tape in even sections to the ornament. Smooth down the tape.
  2. Paint the areas not covered by tape. Let the paint dry, then carefully remove the tape.
  3. When you’re finished, paint the top yellow, and string some baker’s twine through the hole to complete your ornament!

The #lovewall/#bleedinghearts mural in Soho in Manhattan, New York.


Difficulty Level: Easy
Medium: Fine-tip permanent markers

  1. If you ever doodled a heart on your middle-school notebook, then you’ll be able to handle this ornament! All you do is draw hearts in various colors, and layer them on top of each other! Use this photo for reference.
  2. Draw and fill in a circle, and then draw squiggly lines out of the bottom of the circle to make those dripping paint spots.
  3. When you’re finished, paint the top yellow, and string some baker’s twine through the hole to complete your ornament!


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Easter Weekend

For Easter weekend, Logan and I drove up to visit Holly and her family in Logan. We hadn’t seen each other for months. I know, I know, I’m a terrible sister. She lives less than 2 hours away. But I did have a pretty good reason for not being able to spend a weekend with the Larson’s for a few months. Two words: hair school. No no no, three words: minimum security prison. 
I was really excited to head up there and party for Easter weekend! See my cute, older sis and her three cute boys. I mean, there’s no better way to celebrate Easter. With family. …Not to mention that I’m a little too old for Easter egg hunts. One thing I love about spending holidays with family, especially my nieces and nephews, is that as I’ve gotten older the excitement of Easter egg hunts, Christmas morning(okay, just kidding. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are still pretty exciting for me.) has died a little bit. But now that I have those aforementioned nieces and nephews, I feel excited vicariously through them. Hiding the eggs, playing Santa(playing Santa? What?! I mean…putting out cookies and milk for Santa.), dressing up for Halloween…. Oh wait, I still dress up on Halloween. If there’s one holiday that is just as applicable to grown-up’s as it is to kids, it’s Halloween. By the way, I still have plans to dress up as David Bowie from the Labyrinth. All in good time.

Okay, enough about Halloween! It’s Easter time. Oh, by the way, Holly and I still dye eggs. Just like kids! Not even her kids were interested in dying eggs. Too juvenile? 
No way.
^^^Recreated this Pinterest-popular Easter egg design: a little chick and a little bunny!
^^^Another Pinterest-popular design: Humpty Dumpty
It’s really- nice to live close to family, right? Lovely weather, lovely company, lovely food, lovely holiday! 

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DIY: Confetti Champagne Glasses

Happy New Years’ Eve!
I got the idea of confetti glasses in November, and wanted to save it for a New Years’ Eve craft. Isn’t it perfect??? Now you can complete your rockin’ New Years’ Eve party with these super easy and festive glasses!
The Supplies
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic champagne glasses with detachable bottoms
  • Confetti
1. Apply the hot glue in segments(if you cover the whole thing with hot glue at once the plastic will warp).
2. Sprinkle on the confetti in heaps to completely cover the base.

3. Once the glue cools down a bit, press down the confetti to secure it. Pop on the champagne glass tops and…
Then voila! A perfect New Years’ Eve glass!
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DIY: Woodland Snowglobe

Merry Christmas!!

I meant to post this on Christmas Day but my computer is nigh close to its deathbed – from either getting the blue screen of death one too many times or from me smashing it into some cement stairs(any stairs actually), so it’s been too slow to accomplish anything.

Ironically, when I was typing this up on my computer, and I typed “nigh close to its deathbed” the blue screen of death popped up. Bad karma, me typing that. How dare I. Now I’m typing this on my iPad.

Anyway, as a Christmas gift from me to you, here’s the tutorial for your own snow globe!

The Supplies:

  • Glitter(any kind is fine)
  • Clean, empty jam jar(or other jar with a lid) & lid
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Water resistant toy figurines(plastic is good)
  • Water resistant super glue
Note: Glycerin can sometimes be difficult to find. I checked multiple stores, but I had the best luck with pharmacies. That’s your best bet. Save yourself a trip to three different locations and just go to a plain ol’ pharmacy, like Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. 

1. Sand the inside of the lid – this will make it so the figurines adhere better to the lid.

2. Test the fit to see if your figurines will fit nicely inside the jar. Don’t glue them down yet!

3. Dab glue onto the bottom of your figurines. I also sanded the bottom of the figurines because I thought it would help the glue stick better. Set it aside to dry, according to the glue bottle instructions.

4. While your glued pieces are drying, let the glitter rain!!! Add the glitter to an empty jar. Note: It doesn’t matter what kind of glitter you use.

5. Fill up the jar with tap water, but not completely full – leave enough room for the glycerin and room for the water to rise a little when you screw on the lid and the figurines are completely submerged in the water.
6. Add the glycerin. The glycerin helps the glitter fall slower when you shake it.
7. Screw on the lid tightly – I even added some glue to the inside of it. Shake it, and voila! A snowy woodland in your very own home!
For other clever, easy Christmas decoration DIY’s, find out how to make chic, Ombre-Collage Christmas Trees, a super easy Winter Wonderland Diorama, and this almost-cute-enough-to-eat Candy Cane-Gum Drop Combo picture frame!
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DIY: Winter Wonderland Diorama

This is a beautiful Christmas decoration yet so simple! It seriously only takes three steps. Here’s the tutorial.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
The Supplies
  • Bottle brush trees
  • Apothecary Jar
  • Floral foam
  • Artificial snow flurries(Buffalo snow is the most common kind.)

1. Place the floral foam in the apothecary jar.
2. Pour in the snow flurries so the floral foam is completely covered, or even leave some green showing through.

3. Place the bottle brush trees inside, on top of the foam.

4. Pop on the lid, and enjoy your new holiday decoration!
Missed my other super-easy Christmas decoration DIY’s? No worries! Check out this Ombre-Collage Christmas Trees how-to, this delicious Candy Cane-Gum Drop Combo picture frame how-to, and this beautiful Snow Globe how-to.
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DIY: Ombre Collage Christmas Trees

How to:
1. Grab a bunch of old magazines and retail catalogs, and get to tearing. Tear out anything that’s green, being sure to get a wide range of the color and prints/designs.
2. When you have a good pile of scraps, grab your glue stick and start gluing them onto paper mache cones – you can make your own out of cereal boxes and a template, or buy them at any craft supply store, like these ones. Glue them on starting at the bottom, working your way up, using your darkest scraps of paper to the lightest.
3. Optional: cover the cones with Modge Podge.
You’re finished! 
Enjoy your new ombre Christmas trees!
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