DIY Pocky Halloween Costume

DIY Pocky Halloween Costume

Pocky Halloween Costume 1

Pocky Halloween Costume 2

DIY Pocky Halloween Costume

Who loves Pocky?! *raises hands* Who here loves Pocky so much, they wish they could be Pocky? (I can’t say I’ve had that impulse….) Well now you can, dreamers!


  • Large cardboard box
  • Red spray paint (you might need 2 cans)
  • “Pocky” letters free printable – download it here
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Xact-o knife
  • Brown packaging wrapping paper
  • Acrylic paint – brown, tan, and white
  • Hot glue gun + hot glue
  • Packing tape
  1. Make sure your large cardboard box is the right size for you to fit inside it. If needed, you might have to do some free-hand  “tailoring” on the box if it’s too large for you. If you have to do this, I recommend using hot glue to affix any pieces together.
  2. Before you start cutting any holes for your arms and head, you’ll need to cut off the bottom flaps so you can get in and out of the box, of course! With the box still flattened, use a knife to carefully cut off the folding flaps on one end. Now you can assemble the box! When taping the flaps down, tape it on the inside.
    NOTE: I recommend also using some hot glue to glue together the flaps to make it extra sturdy.
  3. Use the knife again to cut out holes for the arms and head.
  4. Head outside, or somewhere very well ventilated, to spray paint the box. Spray the box with 2 coats. Let it dry completely.
  5. To make the Pocky sticks, cut off a large piece of the brown wrapping paper. Tape it down on a flat surface, and paint three-fourths (3/4) of it with the brown acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.
    (This is what you’ll be cutting out the Pocky sticks from. The painted, brown part is the chocolate, and the brown wrapping paper is the biscuit part.)
  6. Cut out Pocky sticks from the painted wrapping paper you just made. Round both ends.
  7. Print off the free “Pocky” letters printable, and cut them out, using the Xact-O knife to cut out any white spaces in the letters. (Download the freebie here!)
  8. Arrange the Pocky sticks on the front of the box, and use hot glue to glue them down. Keep gluing down the Pocky sticks until you achieve the look you want. Use this photo for reference!
  9. Using the tan acrylic paint to paint shine lines. To see what I’m referring to, see this picture.
  10. Arrange the “Pocky” letters, then hot glue them down.
  11. Using a small paint brush and white acrylic paint, free-hand “Glico” in the top left corner. Let it dry, and then your costume is completely finished!

Pocky Halloween Costume 3

Pocky Halloween Costume 4

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DIY Candy Corn Flamingos

DIY Candy Corn Flamingos

I was given free product from Oriental Trading in return for this blog post.This review is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided the sample free of product charge by the company to provide my honest review. No other type of compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are my own.



DIY Candy Corn Flamingos

I know, I know. You’re all mourning the passing of summer. And even if you’re a big lover of fall — let’s talk about chunky sweaters and ankle boots *heart eyes emoji* — you’re still feeling sad that the subtle, careless vibe of summer has gone away, along with more daylight hours, sun dresses, and strappy sandals.

But never fear! I’ve got a DIY that will help ease you out of summer and into fall, along with one of the objectively (okay, okay, it’s probably more subjective) best holidays: Halloween!

I introduce to you the candy corn flamingo!


  1. Remove the legs, and set them aside. Head outside or somewhere else well ventilated, and prime your flamingos. One to two coats should be sufficient. Let it dry completely between coats.
  2. Start with the white head first. Spray 1-2 coats of white, letting the coats dry in between.
  3. Cut a piece of plastic wrap long enough to wrap loosely around the white head. Secure it with a piece of masking tape, being sure not to stick the tape to the flamingo itself.
  4. Move on to the yellow portion, which will be the tail. (NOTE: I’m going in this order because I’m starting with the colors that are least dominant; so orange will be last.) Spray 1-2 coats, letting the coats dry in between.
  5. Make sure both the white and the yellow parts are completely dry before you continue on to the orange section.
    Wrap a long piece of plastic wrap around the tail, and secure with a piece of tape.
  6. Finally, spray paint the the middle section orange. Spray one coat, and let it dry completely.
  7. Remove all plastic wrap, and carefully spray a second coat of orange. Don’t worry if any orange paint lightly gets on the white or the yellow sections! I think it gives it a lovely ombre/blended look.
    Let everything dry completely.
  8. Do all steps for both flamingos.
  9. Put the legs back in, and stake your flamingos in your yard.




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Halloween DIY: Holly Golightly’s Sleep Mask

  • Free sleep mask template printable
  • Blue felt
  • 2 blue plastic gems
  • Gold rope(or ribbon)
  • Gold puff paint
  • Gold false eyelashes
  • Hot glue 

1. To get the free printable sleep mask template, subscribe to my email list over on the left sidebar under “follow.” Note: if you subscribe to my emailing list after October 19th, you can expect the sleep mask template in an email on October 26th. Also note, if you subscribe to my email list, you may also expect half a dozen other free Halloween printables! Yes, it’s true. 

2. Print off the template. Cut out the sleeping mask and the two “eyelids”(they look like triangles).
3. Trace the sleep mask and the eyelids on the blue felt, then cut them out. If desired, cut out two sleep mask parts to glue together to make it sturdier.

4. Glue the eyelids on in approximately the same spot as the grey eyelids on the sleep mask template. Make a sort of pocket so you can glue the plastic gems under the eyelids.

5. Glue the blue plastic gems under the eyelids, and the gold false eyelashes on top of the eyelids. If desired, line the eyelash line with the gold puff paint.

6. Snip off two equal pieces of gold rope for the eyebrows, and glue them on. Alternative: Use the gold puff paint to draw the eyebrows on.  

7. Line the sleep mask with gold puff paint. Let it dry.

8. Cut off two equal pieces of gold rope to use to tie the mask around your head, then glue them on the back of the sleep mask.

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Free Halloween Printables

Halloween is in the air.

Some of you may be asking, “Already?! Are you crazy?” Yes. I am. Crazy in love with Halloween!

So to show you how much I love Halloween and how much I love you, I made a butt load of free Halloween printables! I’ve been working on them since August, people. August! That’s how serious I am about making quality content for you guys for this year’s Halloween. And the best part is, trick or treat: you can have them all for free. 

To get started, you can download your free pumpkin folk prints(pictured above) by either subscribing over on the left sidebar under “follow,” or by subscribing here.

So here’s what you can expect for getting your printables. 

I’m going to send out one new printable per week on Monday’s until the week of Halloween. Once you subscribe, keep your eyes open for the email the following Monday, and you’ll be able to find all of the printables that have been sent out so far.

And don’t worry, after Halloween is over, stick around and you can expect other fantastic free printables all sent to your inbox year-round.

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Pumpkin Patch

Again, here’s another belated Halloween-y post.
So a popular thing around here during Halloween is Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. It’s a pumpkin patch slash fair. Logan and I spent our Halloween evening on a date there, and he showed me the ropes!
A few of my favorite things we enjoyed included glow-in-the-dark mini golf, a bunny rabbit town, “tractor” racing, feeding animals, the giant slide, the “pumpkin chunkin'” air cannon show, the water blasters(you shoot a bottle full of water out of a cannon at a target yards away), and the pig races! May the photo dump commence:

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Gumball Machine & Quarter Couples Costume + More…

This is waaay belated, but I’ve been so crazy busy these last few months! We moved, what seemed almost cross-country(maybe more like a third-of-the-way-cross-country), and I’m in my third trimester of my first pregnancy. Okay, I guess in words it doesn’t sound like very much, but it takes forever to unpack and decorate a new apartment, and I’ve been doing last-minute baby preparations. (I still can’t believe how many things one needs when you’re expecting your first child. It’s kinda like registering for your wedding. After you’re married, one day you’re like, “Wait, I don’t own a pizza cutter! I didn’t even think to register for one!” Here I am a few days before my induction date, and I’m like, “Oh, my baby probably needs fingernail clippers.”)

Anyways, here’s pictures of mine and Logan’s Halloween couples costumes
we debuted at my sister, Holly’s annual Halloween party we attended back
in Utah before we moved.

I’m a gumball machine, what with my baby bump, and Logan’s a quarter! (He insisted he stand at a profile every time he got his picture taken.) I spent a long time on our costumes. Very tedious. Those are real gumballs in the little pouch I sewed onto my shirt! But I do have to give credit to Logan for the actual coin – he cut it out of cardboard,  including “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “1990.” And hey, look how awesome his wig is! I styled it. I should look into styling wigs for stage makeup or something! 😉 Logan won “Best Guy’s Costume.” We unfortunately didn’t win “Best Couples Costume,” but I won “Best Treat!” (I really wanted that award because the prize was a super cute hedgehog salt and pepper shaker set. …Although I probably would’ve spent less money and time if I just went and bought them for myself rather than making three different treats for the party. Hahah! Not as fun though.) I made an uber delicious lime punch. The recipe was super popular on Pinterest. Here’s the recipe. Seriously, try it some time. It’s SO yummy! 
To see another one of our clever, couples costume here we were as PB&J.

Now, fast forward to after we moved to Omaha…. *whoosh*

Here we are in our new apartment continuing the Halloween festivities, starting with jack-o-lantern carving, of course!

(^^^Logan took this picture. When I ask him to take pictures with my camera, he gets “artsy” and takes all his pictures at weird angles. He cracks me up.)

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