20 Cement DIYs

20 Cement DIYs

  1. Concrete Stool by The Casual Craftlete

You better take a seat for this one.


  1. Letter Photo Holder by I Spy DIY

Display all your Instagram photos on these cute letters!


  1. Marble and Ombre Planters by Apartment Therapy

Marble and ombre and copper. Oh my!


  1. Marble Candle Holders by Pure Sweet Joy

More marble and copper! Eeeep!


  1. Gem Push Pins by Club Crafted

Hang up all your files in style with these gem push pins!


  1. Ring Cones by DIY in PDX

Comes with a free template!


  1. Neon Lightbulb Lamp by I Spy DIY

This lamp is sure to brighten up any room!


  1. Plastic Animal Bookends by Funkytime

How cute would these be in a kids room??


  1. Concrete Tray by Homey Oh My

Create this unique tray using cardboard and concrete and a little bit of muscle!


  1. Tree Art by TOMFO

If you are looking for something a little bit bigger this tree art will do the trick!


  1. Candle Holders From Plastic Bottles by DIY Candy

Make sure to save those plastic bottles!


  1. Concrete Vase by Paper & Stitch

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers??


  1. Concrete and Gold Gem Jewelry by DIY in PDX

Concrete isn’t just for your home – you can wear it too!


  1. Gold Leaf Cement Pots by Ruffled

Just got to keep those plants alive long enough to make these pots!



  1. Concrete Coasters by A Piece of Rainbow

I would never forget to use a coaster when they are this pretty!


  1. Gilded Pineapple Pushpins by Proper

Gold pineapples? Yes please!


  1. Modern Bookends by Bob Vila

Keep your books in order in style.


  1. Copper and Concrete Door Pulls by A Kailo Chic Life

Add a little flair to your doors with these amazing pulls!


  1. Cement Rope Woven Vase by Enthralling Gumption

You wouldn’t guess there is a lampshade hidden in there!


  1. Concrete and Copper Bunnies by Look What I Made

Perfect for Easter or just an excuse to display cute little bunnies around the house!



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15 Heart-Themed DIYs


Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrate or not, you gotta admit that these heart-themed DIYs make your real heart just soar (cuz of all the cuteness)!

15 Heart-Themed DIYs

  1. Double Heart Flower Vase, A Kailo Chic Life
    What is better than one heart? Two!

  1. Emoji Heart Pillow, Studio DIY
    Let your couch sparkle with this heart pillow!

  1. Giant Fringed Geometric Heart, by This Heart of Mine
    Show your love for Valentine’s Day by hanging up this giant fringed heart!

  1. Kawaii Heart Balloons, by A Bubbly Life
    If you heart Kawaii and you heart balloons than this DIY is for you!

  1. Conversation Heart Bag, by Damask Love
    You can stash your conversation heart candies inside your conversation heart bag!

  1. Conversation Heart Rings, by Studio DIY
    You can keep the conversation going with these bright conversation heart rings. Perfect way to let people know how you are feeling this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Resin Conversation Heart Paperweights, by Lovely Indeed
    Hold down all your loose papers with an adorable heart shaped paperweight. You can even add a cute message on it!

  1. Sequin Marquee Heart, by Sugar & Cloth
    Let your heart of gold shine bright for everyone to see!

  1. Valentine’s Day Balloon Heart, by The House That Lars Built
    Blow your friends away with this awesome heart shaped balloon backdrop!

  1. Hanging Flower Heart, by A Beautiful Mess
    Fill your heart to the brim with pretty pink flowers then display it for the world to see! This would also make a fun photo backdrop!

  1. Concrete Copper Heart Candles, by I Spy DIY
    Pave the way this Valentine’s Day with these cute concrete copper candles!

  1. Heart Shaped Cinema Box, by Aww Sam
    Hey girl! Create this heart shaped light box to display all your love filled messages this Valentines!

  1. Confetti Heart Party Photo Backdrop, A Bubbly Life
    Make your party or walls sparkle with this confetti heart!

  1. Pinata Valentine Box, by Brit & Co
    Instead of hitting this piñata fill it up with gifts and give it away to your loved ones or friends!

  1. Heart Brooch, by The Crafted Life
    Wear your heart on your sleeve with this gorgeous gold brooch!


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50 Junk Food DIYs

Nothing better than junk food, right??! Well basically all DIY’ers know it, and they’ve made some awesome, junk-food-a-licious projects that you’re gonna want to make AND eat!


50 Junk Food DIYs


1. Fried egg sleep mask (via A Beautiful Mess)


2 Fried egg in frying pan emoji balloons (via Studio DIY)


3. Waffle earmuffs (via The Pulp Zine)


4. Watermelon flats (via The Glitter in My Tea)


5. Hot dog balloon garland (via The House That Lars Built)


6. No other Popsicle is as classic as the Firecracker Popsicle, right? (via Say Yes)


7. These Popsicle tennis shoes are perfect for summer! (via Dream Green DIY)


8. This simple Pop Tart Halloween costume only takes a large piece of poster board and some paint! (via Paper and Stitch)

Ice Cream


9. “Mable, Mable, strong and able, get your (ice cream) elbows off the table!” (via Studio DIY)


10. Nothing will make paying bills better than this adorable ice cream letter holder! (via Brite and Bubbly)


11. Make this Easter egg banana split with faux eggs and display it year after year! (via By Dawn Nicole)


12. Lovers of small pumpkins and ice cream, unite! (via Aww Sam)


13. All you need is white and brown paint, some painter’s tape, and fluffy red pom poms to make this Neapolitan ice cream purse! (via The Glitter in My Tea)


14. Everything is cuter mini-sized. Mini ice cream cone flair via Handmade Charlotte.


15. Ice cream balloon sticks via Oh Happy Day


16. Brighten up your office cubicle with this Ice cream cone paperclip dispenser! (via The Glitter in My Tea)


17. Need to spruce up a been-there-worn-that pair of shoes? Make these ice cream shoe clips! (via Damask Love)



18. Everyone says how much they love pizza, but do you love it enough to sleep on it? (via A Beautiful Mess)


19. I think you’ve got a little bit of pizza on your shirt, there. (via Studio DIY)


20. Pizza balloons! (via Aww Sam)


21. Wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather, your chest! (via Studio DIY)



22. This pretzel garland is made from stress-ball pretzels! (via The Glitter in My Tea)


23. Pretzel Marquee Light DIY (via Aww Sam)


24. Pretzel papier mache for a pretzel party! (via Oh Happy Day)


25. Pretzel pillow – NOT for eating! (via Studio DIY)


26. Make these BFF junk food charm necklaces using oven-bake clay! (via Studio DIY)



27. “Taco” cord tacos!!!! (Via Local Adventurer)


28. Taco letter holder (via Studio DIY)


29. Come on, even your pets love junk food! (via A Beautiful Mess)


30. Clay junk food Christmas tree ornaments (via Studio DIY)


31. Taco Halloween costume (via Aww Sam)


32. Taco Christmas tree ornaments (via Aww Sam)



33. This donut pillow is too cute to be one of those donut pillows you sit on when you bruise your tailbone. (via A Beautiful Mess)


34. These donut straw umbrellas are free printables! (via A Joyful Riot)


35. Donut purse?! But of course! (via Studio DIY)


36. Donut soap that is also donut scented?! Heck yes. (via Happiness is Homemade)


37. Donut sunglasses, because we know you’ve held up real donuts to your eyes and pretended they were glasses. (via Studio DIY)


38. What time is it? It’s always donut time. (via Why Don’t You Make Me)


39. Mini donuts or donut beads? You decide! (via Brite and Bubbly)



40. Pocky Halloween Costume DIY (via The Glitter in My Tea)


41. Lollipop emoji balloons – cute enough to eat! (via Aww Sam)


42. Cupcake bath bombs (via Muffin Chanel)


43. Cotton candy party hats (via Oh It’s Perfect)


44. Oui, oui, oui! These faux macaron photo holders are so freaking cute! (And classy!) (via A Kailo Chic Life)


45. Cotton candy faux Easter eggs that look so real you’ll wanna eat them! (via The Glitter in My Tea)


46. Cupcake Christmas tree ornaments (via Smarty Had a Party)


47. Clay candy compact mirrors (via The Glitter in My Tea)


48. Chocolate cake garland – it’s a free printable!! (via The Glitter in My Tea)



49. Hamburger Christmas tree ornaments (via Aww Sam)


50. Hamburger balloons – so clever, right?! (via Studio DIY)














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25 Flamingo-Themed DIYs

25 Flamingo Themed DIYs

25 Flamingo-Themed DIYs

It’s no secret that one of the most popular trends lately is the pink flamingo! So I’ve rounded up 25 of some of the best flamingo-themed DIYs on the world wide web!

1. Flamingo Straw Toppers by Design is Yay
Get the tutorial, complete with a free printable!

2. Flamingo Straw Toppers 2 by Fete Gazette
Who wouldn’t love having tiny flamingos in their drink?!

3. Flamingo Pinata by Studio DIY
Almost too cute to hit with a stick!

4. Flamingo Pool Float Donuts, by Aww Sam
Flamingos + Donuts. Is there anything more we need to convince us to scarf down these donuts?

5. Flamingo Pool Float Cake by Aww Sam
Somehow this is even better than the donuts! *heart-eyed emoji*

6. Flamingo Pool Float Clay Ring Dish by The Glitter in My Tea
Store your jewelry inside the floatie, and your rings around its neck!

7. Flamingo Wall Hooks by Aww Sam
These are surprisingly whimsical but also chic at the same time!

8. Flamingo Favor Bag by Oh Happy Day
Their neck is the handle! Eeep! (That’s a squeal for “so cute.”)

9. Flamingo Ring Toss Yard Game by Sugar & Cloth
I’m not one for lawn games, but these might convince me otherwise….

10. Flamingo Marquee Light from Brit & Co.
Combining flamingos and marquee lights?? This DIY could make Pinterest crash!

11. Flamingo Croquet Mallets from Style Me Pretty
Very Alice in Wonderland, right?

12. Flamingo Party Hat by Shoes Off Please
This tutorial comes with a template!

13. Flamingo Pull Toy by This Little Street
You don’t have to be a kid to play with these pull toys!

14. Summer Snowglobe by Gray Malin
This is the cutest contradiction ever.

15. Flamingo Macarons by Sugar & Cloth
There’s no one better to show us how to turn macarons into flamingos, than Ashley from Sugar & Cloth.

16. Lawn Flamingo Taxidermy Wall Mounts by Salty Canary for World Market
These would be fun for a little kid’s room (or your own room)!

17. Flamingo Chandelier featured on Handmade Charlotte
This. That’s all I can say.

18. Flamingo Marshmallows by The Decorated Cookie
(There’s a free printable!)

19. Flamingo Marionette by Handmade Charlotte
This super easy DIY also comes with tips on how to make the marionette move!

Think flamingos are only good for the summer? Well these DIY’s will prove you wrong!

20. Lawn Flamingo Pumpkins by Aww Sam

21. Children’s Flamingo Halloween Costume by Oleander and Palm

22. Adult Flamingo Halloween Costume by Style By Dani
Very Bjork, right?!

23. Candy Corn Flamingos by The Glitter in My Tea
Perfect for your Halloween yard decor!

24. Flamingo Easter Egg by Studio DIY

25. Mother’s Day Card by Design For Soul

Follow The Glitter in My Tea on Pinterest for more curated DIYs!

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10 Disco Ball DIYs

10 Disco Ball DIYs

Disco ball DIYs roundup

No better way to sparkle up something than to throw some disco balls into the mix!

I’ve rounded up 10 DIY’s where the main item of your supplies is sparkly, reflective, and sometimes mini — disco balls!

10 Disco Ball DIYs

1. Disco ball headband, by A Subtle Revelry
Party everywhere! Make and wear this party on your head to a party for your…er, well, whole self!


2. Thanksgiving Cornucopia, by Studio DIY
Fill in the blank: I’m thankful for _____. The correct answer is “disco balls.” (By the way, notice that little name card holder made from a mini disco ball — *squeal!*


3. Balloon Weight, by A Bubbly Life
Need to weigh down a balloon bouquet? Tie them to large disco ball, and voila!


4. Disco Ball Wreath, A Beautiful Mess
This wreath just says to me, “‘Tis the season to boogie.” (Ps, this would make an excellent New Years’ decoration!)


5. Vase, By A Bubbly Life
Hollow out a hole in a large disco ball, place a vase inside, and bam! You got yourself a disco ball vase! Get the DIY on A Bubbly Life (link above).


6. Swizzle Sticks, by Minted
Pop these swizzle sticks in any drink to add a festive touch.


7. Disco Ball Christmas Tree, by Studio DIY
Ummmm, is this real life? (All I know is that my toddler son would positively destroy this if it were in my house.)


8. Succulent Planter, by A Bubbly Life
Plant lady is the new cat lady, especially if you plant your succulents in planters like this!


9. Mini Disco Ball Necklace, by The Alison Show
Sparkle everywhere you go with this disco ball necklace! (And possibly blind strangers with light that reflects off your necklace.)


10. Photo Holders, by A Bubbly Life
These would be so cute on your office desk!


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