DIY: Woodland Snowglobe

Merry Christmas!!

I meant to post this on Christmas Day but my computer is nigh close to its deathbed – from either getting the blue screen of death one too many times or from me smashing it into some cement stairs(any stairs actually), so it’s been too slow to accomplish anything.

Ironically, when I was typing this up on my computer, and I typed “nigh close to its deathbed” the blue screen of death popped up. Bad karma, me typing that. How dare I. Now I’m typing this on my iPad.

Anyway, as a Christmas gift from me to you, here’s the tutorial for your own snow globe!

The Supplies:

  • Glitter(any kind is fine)
  • Clean, empty jam jar(or other jar with a lid) & lid
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Water resistant toy figurines(plastic is good)
  • Water resistant super glue
Note: Glycerin can sometimes be difficult to find. I checked multiple stores, but I had the best luck with pharmacies. That’s your best bet. Save yourself a trip to three different locations and just go to a plain ol’ pharmacy, like Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. 

1. Sand the inside of the lid – this will make it so the figurines adhere better to the lid.

2. Test the fit to see if your figurines will fit nicely inside the jar. Don’t glue them down yet!

3. Dab glue onto the bottom of your figurines. I also sanded the bottom of the figurines because I thought it would help the glue stick better. Set it aside to dry, according to the glue bottle instructions.

4. While your glued pieces are drying, let the glitter rain!!! Add the glitter to an empty jar. Note: It doesn’t matter what kind of glitter you use.

5. Fill up the jar with tap water, but not completely full – leave enough room for the glycerin and room for the water to rise a little when you screw on the lid and the figurines are completely submerged in the water.
6. Add the glycerin. The glycerin helps the glitter fall slower when you shake it.
7. Screw on the lid tightly – I even added some glue to the inside of it. Shake it, and voila! A snowy woodland in your very own home!
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DIY: Winter Wonderland Diorama

This is a beautiful Christmas decoration yet so simple! It seriously only takes three steps. Here’s the tutorial.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
The Supplies
  • Bottle brush trees
  • Apothecary Jar
  • Floral foam
  • Artificial snow flurries(Buffalo snow is the most common kind.)

1. Place the floral foam in the apothecary jar.
2. Pour in the snow flurries so the floral foam is completely covered, or even leave some green showing through.

3. Place the bottle brush trees inside, on top of the foam.

4. Pop on the lid, and enjoy your new holiday decoration!
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DIY: Ombre Collage Christmas Trees

How to:
1. Grab a bunch of old magazines and retail catalogs, and get to tearing. Tear out anything that’s green, being sure to get a wide range of the color and prints/designs.
2. When you have a good pile of scraps, grab your glue stick and start gluing them onto paper mache cones – you can make your own out of cereal boxes and a template, or buy them at any craft supply store, like these ones. Glue them on starting at the bottom, working your way up, using your darkest scraps of paper to the lightest.
3. Optional: cover the cones with Modge Podge.
You’re finished! 
Enjoy your new ombre Christmas trees!
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10 DIY Pine Cone Holiday Decorations

Happy Holidays! Again(you’ll be getting a lot of holiday wishes from me)!

I’m getting so excited for Christmas around here in my apartment. My husband has to pretty much beg me to not put up the Christmas decorations. …And I actually don’t know how I’ve let him convince me, quite honestly….

Anyways! I often find myself yearning for out-of-the-ordinary, novel decoration ideas that i can make myself. Which is why I’m posting this! Yay pine cones, am I right? Those poor things are so dang cute but there are so many gettin’ run over in the road by cars…. *tsk tsk tsk* So I thought these decorations were all perfect for this post! Some of them are DIY tutorials but some are just pictures(let your imagination and creativity reign, right?). 


1. Pine Cone Wreath
src: Reluctant Entertainer
…or this one:
pine cone = wreath.
src: West Twin Creations LLC
2. Pine Cone Ornament
src: Johner
…or you could make this star one!
Pine cones snowflake Ornament nature and by AttitudeNature on Etsy, $8.00
src: Attitude Nature
3. Pine Cone and Burlap Bow Decor
! Love! Burlap ribbon and pinecones wired together!
src: Relax Home Decor
4. Pine Cone Elf
Pinecone Elves
src: Make It Work
5. Pine Cone Chair-back Sash
pine cones
src: Pinterest
6. Pine Cone Christmas Trees
Pinecone Christmas Trees in vintage silver
src: Pinterest
7. Painted Pine Cones
make it: painted pinecones
src: WhimZeeCal
…or you could paint them like these ones!
painted pinecones. Would be pretty winter decoration
src: Tumblr
8. Pine Cone Garland
Pinecone garland!
src: Jim Fairfax’s Luxury Problems
…or you could make this one and string it up outside.
src: Tuck and Bonte
9. Pine Cone Door Decor
src: Something Green
10. Pine Cone Place Card
src: Everything Fabulous

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DIY: Candy Cane & Gum Drop Holiday Picture Frame

It’s that time of year again. The Holidays are creeping up so quickly, it’s crazy! So to get you in the mood – if you’re not already, like me – here’s a very simple but lovely craft you can make and add to your Christmas holiday decor. It’s sure to bring merriment and…um…bright-ness(?) to you home!

1. Supplies: Frame, peppermint sticks, gumdrops, hot glue, and glitter.
2. Apply hot glue to one side of the peppermint sticks then press firmly onto the sides of the frame.
3. Glue on the gum drops to fill in the space between the peppermint sticks.
4. Cover glass with painter’s tape(the glass couldn’t come out of the frame I bought. If the glass can be removed from your frame, just do that).
5. Apply glue to where you want to sprinkle glitter. Sprinkle the glitter on the glue, let dry, then lightly tap off the rest of the glitter.
6. Remove the tape/put the glass back in. Pop a picture or Christmas card and…

Finished! And can I say, C’est Magnifique! 

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