DIY Marbled Clay Gift Tags



This blog post is in collaboration with Cotton Berry Designs. Kathryn and I worked together to design that super cute, festive cactus wrapping paper (above)!
I didn’t receive any compensation for this post, however I did receive free wrapping paper in order to do this photo shoot.

DIY Marbled Clay Gift Tags

Ever since I was a little girl (okay, more like a teenager), I was really into wrapping presents, and making them pretty and extraordinary! (Perhaps it was a result from how much I loved Martha Stewart.) I like to think that the wrapping is a present in and of itself. I almost wanted the gift-receiver to feel disappointed when they tore off the wrapping paper and all the other bells and whistles. (Hmmm…bells…whistles…. Those sound like clever and cute gift toppers!)

If wrapping presents is your thing – or even if it’s not, but you’re looking to add a cute, super easy detail to your Christmas boxes this year – I think these oven-bake clay gift tags are right up your alley!

Marbled Clay Gift Tags 3


  • Oven bake polymer clay – assorted colors (make sure you include white)
  • Holiday (or other themed) cookie cutters
  • Clickable pen
  • Alphabet stickers
  1. Start by marbling your clay. I used this fabulous tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for marbling my clay.
  2. Use a rolling pin or a drinking glass to roll out the now-marbled clay.
  3. Use the cookie cutters to cut out your shapes.
    Use a pen (with the actual pen part clicked down) to poke a hole in the top of the clay – this is where you’ll be stringing ribbon or string to attach to your presents.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for every additional clay gift tag you need.
  5. Bake your ornaments in the oven according to the instructions written on your clay packaging.
    Let your ornaments cool completely before you continue onto step 5.
  6. Using alphabet stickers, spell out the name for whom the gift is for.
  7. Thread ribbon or string through the hole in the gift tag, and attach to the wrapped present.


Marbled Clay Gift Tags 5

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