Being single sucked for me. But there was one perk: traveling with my parents.

You may not know that about me, actually. I love travel. A lot. 
I’ve been to a few different countries, but my all time favorite was my travels around the British Isles.
Even though it was a few years ago, I wanted to share my photos with you guys about my visits with Big Ben, Nessie, and friends.
London, England


Cobh, Ireland

 (FYI: This is the Blarney Castle. And yes, I have the gift of gab now.)
Liverpool, England & Downham, Lancashire

Belfast, Ireland

Glasgow, Scotland

(FYI: We randomly stumbled upon this movie set for World War Z. They were filming the traffic jam scene with the garbage truck crash. We think they were filming it in Glasgow because it was cheaper than filming it in actual Philadelphia. So crazy, right?!!)
Inverness, Scotland & Edinburgh, Scotland 

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. 
And that is the truth. There is nothing I love more than travel. …Well, I have a few exceptions but you get what I mean.

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