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My name is Amy, and I’m the face behind The Glitter in My Tea. I live and love to create. I find great delight in free printables, party supplies, and holidays(especially holiday DIY’s). Other passions include dollar stores, Instagram, sprinkles, smooching my son’s chubby cheeks, and anything sparkly or colorful. I currently live in Nebraska with my husband, and my super awesome and super cute son, Ben(the one with the chubby cheeks).

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How was this blog born?

I was moving to college, and coming from a family with lots and lots of blogs, I figured I’d better get one to update my family and friends.
Then I discovered the glamorous, creative side of blogging.
I wanted to jump on that band wagon. It was such a beautiful, sparkly band wagon. I had to be a part of it.

What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

 Originally this blog was named “Minute Particulars,” but after some reevaluation of my blog, I decided that “Minute Particulars” wasn’t very catchy, not to mention the pronunciation of it confused my followers.Then I renamed my blog, “Glitter in My Tea.”
Around here, I love the little, beautiful things in life. I also love crafts. I decided on this name because it touched those two elements perfectly. Tea, for me, embodies everything lovely and simple in life. And glitter embodies everything crafty. (I’m pretty sure that in a word-association game if someone said “glitter” you’d say “crafts.” I do, anyways.)Recently, I tweaked the name a teentsy bit, to “The Glitter in My Tea.”

What topics do you blog about?

This is a DIY craft blog, with a few posts about mental health and mental illness.
You can even find a few old posts about beauty, a few recipes, Disney-related posts, typography, fashion, and of course, my family.

Why do you blog?

The first thing that attracted me to blogging was that it is a whole new way to keep a journal. There are those people who diligently keep journals, and they always amazed, yet infuriated me. That was a bandwagon I just could not hoist myself onto. Blogging, however, provided me with a new avenue for journal-keeping.
As my blogging continued, I found myself realizing that beautiful things are everywhere. Life just gives you beautiful stuff, and I believe they should be celebrated. Equally, I also believe that people should celebrate everyday moments, even if that means get up, go outside, and create a moment to celebrate. And that is exactly what this blog does for me – it motivates me to get up, go outside, make plans, take pictures, live, laugh, love. Make memories.
Ultimately, this blog also gives me reasons to develop my talents, and keep me creative. It gives me a creative outlet.
So, my friends, get comfy, have a cup of tea (tee hee!), and stay for a while! It’s good to have you here!



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